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PSY 305;Assignment 3;Instructions- Calculate this ANOVA by hand. Check your work by also;calculating the ANOVA in SPSS or EXCEL. Be sure to do any multiple;comparison tests and interpret the results.;X1;X2;X3;X4;X5;X6;X barA1;Control GroupA1;7;10;6;8;10;10;PsychoanalysisA2;7;5;6;5;5;6;CBTA3;3;3;2;3;4;2;X (A1);X2;SST = X2 T2/an;(also called [X] [T]);SST =;group);(a = number of groups, n = number in each;SST =;SSA = A2 - T2;n;an;(also called [A] [T]);SSA =;SSA =;SSS/A = X2 - A2;N;(also called [Y] [A]);SSS/A =;Now divide by its df to change it to variance. Variance is called Mean Square.;Complete ANOVA summary table on next page.;1;ANOVA Summary Table;Source;A-group;S/A (error);Total;SS;df;MS;F;Find F-critical.;Are the groups significantly different?;Write the results statistically.;What do you do next? Why?;Which groups are different?;2


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