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Please Help! Could you please answer these multiple Choice questions Thank you.




Please Help! Could you please answer these multiple Choice questions Thank you.;What is the national median salary average for ?experienced? (and more than 20 years in the professional experience) public relations practitioners?;$92,000;$102,500;$132,690;$158,93;Question 2. 2. Which is not a component of basic public relations practice?;counseling;employee relations;fund-raising;networking;Question 3. 3. Today?s public relations firms offer all the following services EXCEPT;executive speech training.;research and evaluation.;advertising placement.;events management.;Question 4. 4. All of the following are examples of the public relations emphasis in a large, complex organization EXCEPT;news conferences.;writing executive speeches.;routine news releases.;formal contact with the media.;Question 5. 5. Which of the following is NOT one of Ivy Lee?s four important contributions to public relations?;product positioning.;dealing with top executives and seeking active support and contributions of management.;maintaining open communication with news media.;emphasizing the necessity of humanizing business.;Question 6. 6. In this response, the crisis minimized with a statement that no serious damage or injuries resulted. Sometimes, the blame is shifted to the victims, as was the case in the Firestone recall?;attack the accuser.;excuse.;justification.;ingratiation.;Question 7. 7. What is not a life cycle phase of conflict management?;proactive phase;conflict phase.;strategic phase.


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