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The effects of bullying on Special Education students and those with disabilities




Purpose;This assignment presents a four page literature review IN FINAL FORM. YOU WILL;ALSO ADD THE FIRST DRAFT OF THE METHODLOGY SECTION (including;the proposed research design) RIGHT AFTER THE LITERATURE REVIEW. There;should be no errors on the Introduction/Literature review since this is the second;review. Pages 70 - 78 of the Gast textbook should be helpful. Be sure to look at the;grading rubric before you start this assignment. The components you should be;submitting are;Format;Title Page;Blank Page with the word "Abstract" centered as per APA;Introduction/Lit Review;Directional Research Question;Method;Participants;Setting;Materials;Dependent Variable (this should be VERY specific and stated in observable terms, you;also need to include how you will measure this);Experimental Design (e.g., Withdrawal, Multiple Baseline, etc);Procedures (how you will run the study);Describe how you will insure procedural fidelity;Describe how you will insure reliability of the dependent measure data collection;Describe Social Validity;Results*;Provide a blank, properly labeled figure demonstrating how you will visually display data;ReferenceList


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