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According to Jaber (1999), in its first months of formation, Hezbollah




I need help getting ready for midterm test. Can someone help me get the following questions answered as a study guide. Thank you.;1. According to Jaber (1999), in its first months of formation, Hezbollah ______________.;A.was alienated from the group whose support it needed most, South Lebanon.;B.was a resistance movement and nothing else;C.formed after a jihad, or call to war, was issued by the head of the Higher Shiite Council;D.saw the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) as liberators;2. Timur Goksel (in Hezbollah, Jaber, 1999) attributes Hezbollah's emergence as "a stronger force" in 1991 to __________.;A.dramatically increasing its size, an action known to increase the power of resistance groups;B.adopting military tactics such as intelligence and reconnaissance;C.launching its first ever "human bomb" suicide terrorism attacks;D.ceasing "gorilla warfare", an effort for which they didn't have sufficient resources;3. Jaber (1999) attributes the resurgance of Hezbollah to all except___________.;A.the murder of leaders, making them martyrs;B.mistakes made by an occupying country;C.changes in command structure;D.growing Islamic influence in the Middle East;4. According to Reich (1998), terrorist thinking typically ___________.;A.lacks nuance;B.has many shades of grey;C.lacks psychopathology;D.both "a" and "c;5. Reich's (1998) survey examining the life courses and personal characteristics of terrorists has shown that __________.;A.they are no more likely to come from broken homes than are non-terrorists;B.they tend to engage in the practice of "externalization;C.proportionally, they aren't as narcissistic as the general population;D.all of the above;6. In Reich's (1998) opinion, the highest priority of a terrorist is __________.;A.gaining public attention;B.avoiding the appearance of conformance;C.achieving its cause;D.survival;7. Self-sanctions can be disengaged via _________ (Reich, 1998).;A.diffusion of responsibility;B.obscuring personal agency;C.distortion of consequences;D.all of the above;8. In Rebel Hearts, Kevin Toolis' (1997) story of attempting to date Joan, an "I-R-A-M-A-A-N's sister" exemplifies _________.; the barriers between rival factions can somtimes be broken down in surprising ways;B.a Romeo and Juliet type situation where family wishes trump love;C.the power of an oppressor can overwhelm the stamina of resistance;D.terrorist affiliation as tribalism;9. Toolis (1997) describes the IRA's practice of attacking those believed to be collaborating with the opposing side as;A.divert its troops away from their military duties;B.recruit new members;C.gain media attention;D.terrorize everyday citizens;10. Question 10 of 10 1.0 PointsToolis (1997) references the phrase "standing up to" as indicative of ___________.;A.the power of even the possibility of resistance in the face of an overwhelming enemy;B.something passed down through generations of resistance fighters;C.the IRA's self-view as "defenders;D.all of the above;Additional Requirements;Level of Detail: Only answer needed


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