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The short paper for this module is on the following: A specific business communication experience




The short paper for this module is on the following;A specific business communication experience;For this assignment, you will use your findings from a current or recent workplace. You have to compare and contrast two (2) communication approaches used by two managers that you have observed first hand. Use readings from Chapter 1 of your textbook as the conceptual basis for your discussion.;Respond to the following in your paper;1. Compare the management communication systems of these two managers. How are the basics similar? What was the role of technology, if any?;2. Which of the two managers was more effective in performing his or her responsibilities? What impact did communication have in each case?;3. What are some potential long-term consequences to each manager's approach?;You must follow the format and guidelines, given below, for the short papers;Title Page: Include name, paper title, course title, instructor?s name, and date.;Introduction: Discuss the purpose of the paper in succinct, declarative sentences. The introduction should offer a preview of the paper, its value, and be based upon the concepts studied in the course.;Discussion Content: This section should include the following three elements;a brief examination of the issue, concept, or consequences of the actions taken;an explanation of the concepts or theoretical applications that pertain to this topic;a discussion of your position on this topic, supporting your argument from the text or other appropriate sources.;It is highly recommended you make use of appropriate headings to guide your reader.;Conclusion: This should be a summative paragraph which includes a restatement of the key points in your discussion.;References: A minimum of two references (not including your textbook) must be used to support your discussion. Document all sources according to APA style.


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