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Please I need help in checking my punctuation and grammar, I try so many times.




Please I need help in checking my punctuation and grammar, I try so many times. I work hard in this homework and my professor tell me to profiling and check my comma. My professor score me with zero and I have the willing to success in this class.;Chapter 4;4.1 Audience Benefits and the You View;YOUR TASK. Revise the following sentences to emphasize the perspective of the audience and the ?you? view.;a. We have prepared the enclosed form that may be used by victims to report identity theft to creditors.;Because your financial security is important to us, please use the enclosed form to report identity theft;b. To help us process you order with our new database software need you to go to our website and fill out the customer information required.;To process your order more efficiently, please complete the customer information required in our website.;c. We are now offering RapidaAssist, a software program we have developed to provide immediate technical support through our website to your employees and customers.;Now a new software program can provide to your employees and customers technical support through our website.;d. We find it necessary to restrict parking in the new company lot to those employee vehicles with ?A? permits.;All employee vehicles with ?A? permits are required to relocated permanently from the new company lot to the other areas of parking;e. To avoid suffering the kinds of monetary losses experienced in the past, our credit union now prohibits the cashing of double endorsed checks presented by our customers.;Because our credit union cares about your welfare and your financial priorities, the credit union had the decision of no longer accepting cashing double endorsed checks.;f. Our warranty goes into effect only when we have received the product?s registration card from the purchaser.;When a customer decides to acquire our products, you also receive the best quality and guaranty as soon you return your product?s registration card.;g. Unfortunately, the computer and telephone systems will be down Thursday afternoon when we will be installing upgrades to improve both systems.;Computer and telephones systems are upgrading to improve better service to you, and Installation will be on Thursday.;h. As part of our company effort to be friendly to the environment, we are asking all employees to reduce paper consumption by communicating by e-mail and avoiding printing.;The company is making a special invitation to all the employees, to be friendly to the environment, by reducing paper consumption and communication by email, and avoiding as possible printing. Together our effort will make a big difference.;4.3 Positive and Courteous Expression (Obj.4);YOUR TASK. Revise the following statement to make them more positive.;a. Plans for a new community center cannot go forward without full community support.;Having the entire support of the community, ensure the plans for a new community center.;b. We must withhold authorizing payment of your contractor?s fee because our superintendent claims your work was incomplete.;To authorizing the payment of your contractor?s fee, it is required to be complete your work.;c. If you do not fill in all of the blanks in the application form, we cannot issue a password.;To provide you a password, please fill and complete the application form.;d. It is impossible for the builder to pour the concrete footings until the soil is no longer soggy;Waiting for a favorable condition in the temperature will make possible, for the builder to pour the concrete footing.;e. Although you apparently failed to consult the mounting instructions for your Miracle Wheatgrass Extractor, we are enclosing a set of clamps to fasten the device to a table. A new set of instructions is enclosed.;We forward to receive completed your consult soon, about the mounting instructions of wheatgrass extractor. Hence, we enclose a set of clamps to fasten the device to the table is ready, and the new set of instructions is enclosed.;f. We regret to announce that the special purchase price on iPads will be available only to the first 25 buyers.;You can qualify for a special purchase price on IPads if you are the first 25 buyers.;4.4 Bias-Free Language;YOUR TASK. Revise the following sentences to reduce gender, racial, ethnic, age and disability bias.;a. Every employee must wear his photo identification on the job.;All employee will wear his or her photo identification on the job;b. The conference will offer special excursion for the wives of executives.;The conference will offer special excursion for the spouses of executives;c. Does each salesman have his own smartphone loaded with his special sales information?;Does each sales representative have his or her smartphone loaded with special sales information?;d. A policeman is responsible for covering his territory.;A police officer is responsible for covering his or her territory;e. Serving on the panel are a lady veterinarian, an Indian CPA, two businessmen, and a female doctor.;Serving on the panel are a Veterinarian, a CPA, two Business person, and a doctor.


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