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sexuality and society




Pick the statement that speaks the strongest to you about your beliefs and values about sexuality and society. Either agree or disagree with the statement, keeping in mind how this statement relates to the ideas presented in society.;1) In my opinion, being a lesbian or bisexual woman is more accepted than being a gay or bisexual man by the current American society.;2) If I were to be diagnosed with an incurable sexually transmitted infection, I would disclose that fact to a potential romantic partner early (within the first 2-3 weeks) in the relationship.;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 5;Level of Detail: Only answer needed;Other Requirements: The paper should be 5 full pages in length, double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, 1-1.25 inch margins all around. include 5 citations must come from 5 different sources. Include an experience if possible from your own/friends? relationships, opinions and values.


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