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PSYC 400 Learning & Memory;Homework #8;Dr. Levens;You are a therapist seeing an 8 year-old boy (Harold) with behavioral problems. In;school he acts out, he will not listen to his teacher, and gets into fights with classmates.;At home, he yells at his mom and has seemingly forgotten his potty training. I.e. he;poops in his pants. His parents recently got divorced and his dad moved to a town 30;miles away for a new job. His dad loves him very much though and still wants to be an;active part of his life. You want to use Behavior Therapy (and specifically operant;conditioning) to change these behaviors but you want them to improve in all aspects of;his life. Apply 3 of the techniques we talked about in class (See notes on Stimulus;Control of Behavior: In behavior therapy, how do we get treatment in an office setting to;generalize to the outside world?) to generalize treatment with Harold. In other words;how would you use each technique to ensure that Harolds behavior improves in all;aspects of his life? Discuss in terms of the specific behavior problems mentioned above;or anything else you think might be going on.


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