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transitions and role changes




1.Despite generally greater gender equality in U.S. society, these pathways continue to differ by gender. Research indicates that men and women differ in the timing of transitions, particularly to family roles such as marriage and raising children, and in how they sequence and combine such roles (Elder, 1998, Moen, 2001). Discuss the major differences in these transitions and role changes. Include some of the difficulties faced by individuals as they transition from childhood to adulthood in terms of their roles and workloads and give examples. (150 words);2.Think of your current lifestyle. What health habits do you follow that will enhance the quality of your life and your longevity? What health habits do you need to acquire to live longer and healthier? Why do you and other adults find it so difficult to follow good health habits? What can you do to help yourself change these poor habits? Do you have any family history of disease or early death that would encourage you to do so? (150 words)


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