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Instructions: Answer or prepare solutions to each...




Instructions: Answer or prepare solutions to each of the items below. You may type your answers/solutions directly on this document (please use a different color font) or you may submit all your answers/solutions in a single Microsoft Word document. Show all your computations, labeling them according to how the requirements are labeled in each item below. Failure to show computations may result in you receiving no credit for the exam item. You may wish to submit a single Microsoft Excel file with your computations, but be sure your final answer(s) to each item is(are) transferred to the Microsoft Word document. Present all your answers/solutions in the order of the items below (if you submit an Excel spreadsheet for computations, please put computations for each item on a separate spreadsheet, labeled A through K as appropriate). Submit your exam answers/solutions (one Microsoft Word document and, if you wish, one Microsoft Excel document) to your Individual forum. The exam contains 15 available points. Point values are indicated beside each item.


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