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the danger of hydrogenated oils has come to light,




In recent years, the danger of hydrogenated oils has come to light, resulting in a shift away from products such as margarine. Find a recent article on the Internet on trans fats and address the following in your discussion post;?Summarize the main point of the article.;?Consider what you have learned about the scientific method in your Visualizing Human Biology text. Then, answer the following;?Do you think the article presents sufficient scientific evidence to support its claims? Why or why not?;?How might you design a study to check the facts, if you had to do it? (Remember the stages of the scientific method from the text).;?Do you consider the source to be reliable? Why or why not?;?State whether, based on your research, manufactured trans fats should be banned. Why or why not?;?Provide the article citation in APA format, which includes the title, author, date, and URL, if from the Internet.


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