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Population Pyramid Building




Population Pyramid Building;Population pyramids show the age structure of the population of a country or region. Different;growth patterns caused by varying cultural values, war events or both help shape the pyramid.;You will obtain the data (population pyramids) from; for three;different countries. The three countries (Ethiopia, Indonesia and UK) will each have a population;pattern that may be recognized as either in rapid growth, in stable growth or in growth decline.;After you obtain the pyramids, copy and paste them into your assignment and then identify;which of the three patterns each country demonstrates.;Please write a brief essay comparing the three pyramids. Consider historical events, the present;global population structure and the influence, if any, of the past and the present on future;population growth. Compare and contrast these pyramids. Which country will have the greatest;population increase? Why? What problems might these countries be facing? You may use;additional information from library sources or the Internet. Please cite any outside sources used;to prepare your essay, and provide a bibliography at end of your assignment.;You can find all the data you need from the web address in the instructions just type the web;address into web bar and the information you need should come up. Make sure to use APA;format and proper cite all references in- text and on your references page. Read all directions;carefully and follow them exactly.


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