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effectively communicate and use scientific evidence regarding human impact on the environment




Enviroment3.docx Download Attachment;The written assignment project addresses outcome 2;1. effectively communicate and use scientific evidence regarding human impact on the environment;with emphasis on sustainability and global citizenship;You may choose a topic from a provided list or propose a topic for approval. The paper should be typed;double-spaced and be about 5 pages long excluding references. Please do not exceed the five page limit.;You must select a topic that is relevant to environmental sustainability. Your topic must address one of;these phrases;1. an environmental issueits causes, current state, and solutions;2. the role of economics, technology, or industry in your environmental issue;3. the impact of the environmental issue on ecosystems;Example of past topics;1. Disappearing tropical rainforests (Explain what is happening. Why should we be concerned?);2. Compare and contrast China's and India's efforts at slowing their population growth.;3. Report on the decline of honeybees. Why should we care? What difference will it make to our;lifestyle?;Explain Iceland's plan to be the first country to run its economy on 100 percent renewable energy.;4.;5. Carbon trading (What is it? Why has it been established? How will it benefit the Earth?);6. Harmful algae blooms (HABs) (What are they? What causes them? Are they harmful to humans?);7. Global water scarcity (How bad is it? How is it linked to global crises and conflict?);You will be evaluated on;1. content: clear and accurate knowledge of your topic and how your topic relates to human impact;on the environment with emphasis on sustainability and global citizenship;2. references: proper quantity and quality of APA citations;3. effective writing: grammar, spelling, punctuation;4. following directions;View Full Attachment


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