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CPMGT 305 Preliminary Project Charter Worksheet: New Performance Management System




CPMGT 305 Preliminary Project Charter Worksheet: New Performance Management System;Option 2: New Performance Management System;For this hypothetical project, assume you are implementing a new performance management process and a web-based tool or system to support it. The performance management system will be used by the organization to do the following;Define each person?s performance goals at the beginning of each year.;Document and track the goals and results throughout the year.;Provide a quarterly status report on each person?s goals and objectives to management.;Obtain managerial feedback on these goals and results each quarter and at the end of the year.;Provide a final end-of-year performance used for pay treatment including salary and bonus at the end of the year.;The project must include the performance management process, the performance management system?which is a web-based tool to support all 5 parts identified above?and the complete implementation of the system and the process.;Preliminary Project Charter Worksheet;Instructions: Complete this project charter worksheet according to the instructions in section 4.1 of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge.;Completed by;Date;1. Project title;2. High-level project scope (less than 50 words);3. Problem to be solved or opportunity to be realized by this project (less than 25 words);4. Project purpose or justification including specific measurable business impacts or results (less than 50 words);5. Measurable project objectives and related success criteria including metrics (Provide three to four objectives with metrics);6. High-level requirements (less than 100 words);7. High-level risks (less than 100 words);8. Summary of high-level milestones schedule (identify the major deliverables and subtasks);9. Summary of high-level budget including expense dollars, capital dollars, and headcount (identify costs for major deliverables and tasks identified in the preceding milestone schedule)


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