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Self-Help Book;1. What additional books are written by this author?;2. What background or experience does the author have (including degrees, educational;background, personal experience) that makes them a credible source of information for;the topic they are writing about in the self-help book you chose?;3. What are some other resources you could use to gain additional knowledge on the;subject of your self-help book?;4. Propose an additional chapter to the book you read that would make it even better, being;sure to provide a title for the chapter as well as an argument for the benefit of adding this;chapter.;Given that these projects are each worth 15 percent of;your grade, be sure to provide thoughtful, thorough, and;insightful responses to the questions in order to receive;credit for this portion of the project.;Self-Help Book;You will select a self-help book (of;appropriate length and topic). It must be;relevant to an area or issue that YOU are;personally working on or would like to;improve upon.;Provide 4 separate sections;1) a summary, 2) a personal reaction, 3) a 2page research paper on the issue or topic of;the book you selected and two additional;treatment options or resources for addressing;that issue, and 4) response to project;GENERAL;Must be submitted on Sun. 11/2 by 11:59 pm;REQUIREMEN;TS FOR BOTH Must be submitted through Turn-It-In;(projects emailed to me wont be accepted);PROJECTS;You can only submit ONE FILE;cover page;2 pages double-space summary;2 pages double-space personal;reaction;2 pages double-space research;paper;Proper referencing & reference;page;Response to project questions;Please be advised that biographies;fictional stories, and books like Who;Moved My Cheese do not meet the;requirements of this project and will;receive no credit.;Cover page;Standard margins (1 to 1.25;inches);12 point font size;Full pages of text (name, titles;and headings only on cover;page);Late Paper will be accepted up to 48 hours;later for a 50 percent deduction (even one;minute late is still late);Students who wish to have me proof read;your paper for feedback before formally;submitting it can do so by submitting it to;me via email no later than 2 weeks before;the due date


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