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six steps to the decision making process




six steps to the decision making process;Identify the issue, and define it. The positive as well as the negative outcomes of not making a decision should be considered.;Create a list of criteria or a list of characteristics the final proposed solution must have.;Brainstorm a number of ideas for addressing the issue. In a group setting with complex issues, one individual may need to visually depict the problem on paper and list the brainstormed ideas. Within this stage, every idea should be verbalized or written, even the wild ones. This is called freewheeling (DeVito, 2008, p. 189).;Eliminate proposed solutions that do not fit the criteria for the best decision, and eventually choose the one proposed solution that fits the criteria.;Implement the proposed solution.;Observe and analyze the success or failure of the solution, and make a solution adjustment if necessary.;Utilizing the six-step process of decision making, write a detailed paragraph of each step pertaining to the following issue;You are the manager of a casino in Phoenix, Arizona. A major error on the part of a construction company cut off electricity to an entire ten-block area. It could not have come at a worse time because the old generator failed to start when maintenance tested it yesterday and a repair technician was not available until the late afternoon. You call several local companies that sell and repair generators but all of their phones lines are busy. You send employees to these companies and find that every generator has already been reserved. It is July and it is already 105 degrees out, it is only 7 o?clock in the morning. Your visitors are already calling about the lack of air conditioning. What do you do?


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