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Edward Lee Thorndike: Summarize the nature of animal research prior to Thorndike?s efforts




Question;Edward Lee Thorndike: Summarize the nature of animal research prior to Thorndike?s efforts. In what way was Thorndike?s research different from that which preceded it? Include in or your answer a discussion of Morgan?s canon.;Question;Edward Lee Thorndike: Assuming Thorndike?s revised law of effect to be valid, do you feel classroom practice in the United States is in accordance with it? Child-rearing practices? Explain.;Question;Burrhus Frederic Skinner: Outline the procedure you would use while following Skinner?s theory to increase the probability that a child would become a creative adult.;Question;Burrhus Frederic Skinner:Are there some forms of adult human behavior for which you feel Skinner?s theory is not applicable? Explain.;Question;Burrhus Frederic Skinner:Propose an explanation for the partial reinforcement effect.;Question;Clark Leonard Hull: What is a habit family hierarchy?;Question;Ivan Petrovich Pavlov: Briefly describe the following: acquisition of a conditioned response, extinction, spontaneous recovery, generalization, discrimination, and higher-order conditioning.;Question;Ivan Petrovich Pavlov: Describe how conditioned emotional responses (CERs) are used in index the strength of CS-US associations.;Question;Gestalt Theory: Discuss the term isomorphism as it was used in Gestalt theory.;Question;Jean Piaget: Explain why Piaget?s view of intelligence is called genetic epistemology.;Question;Jean Piaget: Give and explain an example of an experience that involves both assimilation and accommodation.;Question;Jean Piaget: Describe the educational implications of Piaget?s theory.;Question;Edward Tolman: For Tolman, is reinforcement a learning or a performance variable? Explain.;Question;Edward Tolman: Describe, according to Tolman, what events take place as an animal is learning to solve a maze. Incorporate as many of Tolman?s theoretical terms into your answer as possible.;Question;Albert Bandura: Define the terms vicarious reinforcement and vicarious punishment, and explain their importance to Bandura?s theory.;Question;Albert Bandura: List and explain several mechanisms that allow a person to act immorally without experiencing self-contempt.;Question;Albert Bandura: Describe how modeling is used to reduce or eliminate a phobia. Which procedure did Bandura find most effective in treating phobias?


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