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Work in the 21st Centeury Text (by Landy & Conte): Chapters 8 and 9) and scholarly research articles




Respond to the three discussion questions below. Write a response using information from your text (Work in the 21st Centeury Text (by Landy & Conte): Chapters 8 and 9) and scholarly research articles to support your reasoning, opinions, and arguments. Each response should be approximately 200 words or more. When stating your answers, do NOT use the same examples that are given in the text. Include scholarly research to support your views.;1. Please answer parts a and b about job satisfaction;a. Have you ever been in a situation in which you were not satisfied with your job and exhibited negative behaviors because of this? What theory on job satisfaction helps to explain why you were not satisfied in the job? Discuss some of the strategies that have been identified in the scholarly literature to improve job satisfaction. (SLO 10);b. Have you ever had your job satisfaction measured? If so, why was it done? How was it done? Do you think it was a worthwhile enterprise? Why or why not? Identify and describe a job satisfaction measure that is used in the field. How could this measure be used to evaluate job satisfaction in the workplace and the data be used to minimize any negative behaviors that may be apparent in the workplace? (SLO 10);2. Choose two work motivation theories from the text and compare and contrast these two theories. Explain how each theory is applied to employee motivation. Discuss some of the limitations that are apparent after making these comparisons. (SLO 10);3. According to equity theory, an employee who feels they have been treated unfairly or inequitably has several options to attempt to restore equity in the workplace. Give examples of two to three options available to the employee. Discuss the concept of restoring equity. What options are available (according to the theory) and provide a 2-3 examples with explanation for the impact on equity.


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