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The objective of this assignment is to watch the movie,




The objective of this assignment is to watch the movie, to explain how portions of the movie relate;to concepts in the textbook and course materials, and to identify with a character in the movie.;Watch the movie There Will Be Blood. You can read a synopsis of the movie at; The movie is available for purchase or rental most places;Write a paper, in the format described in the syllabus. Address these issues, which are related to;chapters in the course textbook;o;o;Culture Affects Everyone What types of cultures and ethical climates are displayed in the;movie? Address the ethical criteria, the focus of individuals, the organizational interests, and;the societys interests.;o;Daniel Plainview What significance, if any, do you see in the name Plainview and the way;Daniel Plainview lives his life?;o;Its a Small World After All How does this movie illustrate the costs and benefits of;industrialization? What did the different organizations, civil and business and community, in;the movie illustrate about doing business in a changing world?;o;Every Society Has Rules and Regulations How do governments and business and;communities relate in the movie? What public policies with their elements are evident in the;story? What role does government regulation play in the multiple storylines?;o;Ethical Failures Are Preventable How could the ethical problems and unethical behaviors;displayed in the movie be prevented? What core elements of ethical character are seen in;the people and which are missing in action?;o;Temptation is Everywhere How do the multiple characters and the different storylines in the;movie demonstrate why ethical problems occur in business. Also explain what role ethical;relativism plays in causing any of the problems in the movie.;Everyone Is Different With which of the characters do you most clearly identify? Why?;What would you do, if you were faced with the decisions the character faced in the film?;Use the ideas above as starting points for your paper. Dont let my ideas limit your creative analysis;of the movie and its relationship to business, ethics, and society.;MGT 3190;There Will Be Blood;Movie Assignment;View Full Attachment;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 3;Max Pages: 5;Level of Detail: Only answer needed


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