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I need this review to help study for a quiz, can someone please figure it out;Attachment Preview;biology reveiw.docx Download Attachment;Name;Population dynamics homework;One hundred (100) goldfish were introduced into Round Pond. This species of goldfish;reproduces rapidly, but is prey for many birds and susceptible to some fatal diseases. Their;population change through time can be summarized as follows;End of year;number of living goldfish;1;220;2;484;3;1065;4;1060;5;1066;1) The growth of the population over a 5 year period would be best described as;a) exponential b) explosive c) logistic d) chaotic;2) The carrying capacity of this population would be close to goldfish.;a) 10600 b) 1060 c) 484 d) 220;3) At the end of year 1 there is a 200 (N) deer mice population in a 20 acre field. If their per;capita birth rate b = 1.2 mice/mouse/year, and their per capita death rate d = 0.6;mice/mouse/year, what would the population size be at the end of year 3? Show your;calculations below.;4) If instead the same mouse population had a carrying capacity of K = 240, and again at the;end of year 1 had a population of 200 (N) mice, what would be the population size at the end of;year 3? Show your calculations below.


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