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How is a person infected with a Guinea worm




How is a person infected with a Guinea worm? Which parts of the world are impacted by this parasite? How can knowledge of the guinea worm's life cycle provide a strategy to break the infection cycle?;Attachment Preview;Study Questions3_Biol 102_Spring 2014.docx Download Attachment;Study Guide 3 Biology 102 Spring 2014;1.;How is a person infected with a Guinea worm? Which parts of the world are;impacted by this parasite? How can knowledge of the guinea worms life cycle;provide a strategy to break the infection cycle?;2.;What causes River Blindness? How can a once-per-year drug treatment help;prevent this disease?;3.;What is Lymphatic Filariasis? What treatments are available for individuals with;well-developed Elephantiasis? Are any treatments effective with children? How;is the life cycle broken by drug treatments? How does the strategy to kill juvenile;worms in lymphatic filariasis compare to the strategy used to protect pets from;heartworm?;4.;How might tropical diseases like Chagas and malaria move into the United;States? Could lymphatic filariasis move into the United States? Why or why;not?;5. What insect vectors are necessary to transmit African and American;trypanosomiasis?;Human Evolution;1. Were Cro-Magnon man and Neandertal- (Neanderthal-) man separate;species, or were they populations that regularly interbred? How can this;question be answered?;2. What features are associated with primates that help distinguish this group;from other mammals?;3. What features make us human and distinct from other hominoids?;4. Have more than one style of bipedalism evolved in hominids? If so, how were;they similar are different from modern bipedalism?;5. What is paleoanthropology, and how does this branch of science contribute to;our understanding of hominid evolution?;6. Is the tree that represents human evolution a straight line or multi-branched?;What happened to most of the hominids represented in the fossil record?;7. Why are brain size and bipedalism considered important features that;contributed to hominid evolution? What kinds of anatomical changes support;upright walking?;8. When and where did Homo sapiens arise? What evidence supports this?;9. Can you identify unique characteristics of Homo erectus, H. heidelbergensis;H. neandertalensis and Denisovans?;10. What anatomical features made Ardipithecus so surprising to;paleontologists? What does the anatomy of Ardipithecus suggest about the;evolution of bipedalism? Did early hominids walk upright and gain the ability to;move into open savannahs, or did they develop bipedalism while also moving;easily through forests?;11. Flores Man, or The Hobbit lived until at least 15,000 years ago. Was Flores;Man human? Or something else entirely?;12. What is the biological basis for differences in human skin color?;13. Why is pigmentation an important evolutionary adaptation? Under what;circumstances is less pigment better and when might more pigment be better?;Population Ecology;1. What are the differences (if any) between a population and a species? What;is meant by the term population ecology?;2. How can population density and the dispersion pattern of a given;population describe the way an organism behaves?;3. What are life tables and survivorship curves? How are they useful? What are;the three types of survivorship curves?;4. What kinds of factors limit population growth?;5. Can you describe the cause of so-called boom-and-bust cycles?;6. How can an organisms life history be shaped by selective forces? (Rate of;growth and maturation, age at which reproduction begins, numbers of offspring;etc.,);7. Can population ecology have practical applications? Like what?;8. How does the rate of human population growth and our consumption patterns;impact the environment?;9. How does the age structure of the U.S. population explain the current surplus;in the Social Security fund? Without changes to the system, why will the;program begin to fall into a deficit in the next few decades?


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