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the detrimental health effects of shift work




There are several studies that have documented the detrimental health effects of shift work. One study conducted by Gordon et al. (1986) found that males who work variable work schedules had higher rates of heavy drinking, job stress, and emotional problems than did males working set schedules. Females who worked variable shifts reported more use of sleeping pills, tranquilizers, and alcohol as well as more job stress and emotional problems. One interesting finding was that no difference was found in heavy cigarette smoking or coffee drinking between straight-shift workers and variable-shift workers. The authors suggest that more attention should be placed on health promotion at variable shift worksites.;How difficult do you think it is to maintain sleep schedules that are conducive to a shift worker being a good employee as well as a good worker? What types of health promotion might be effective on variable shift worksites to decrease detrimental health effects?


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