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All known human cancers have been demonstrated to be caused by viruses




uestion Completion Status;Question 1;1.;All known human cancers have been demonstrated to be caused by viruses;Answer;True;False;2 points;Question 2;1.;Match the following cancers with the virus that has been demonstrated to cause the malignancy.;Answer;Answer;Hepatocellular;A;Carcinoma Human Papilloma Virus.;Read Answer Items;B.;for Question 2 Hepatitis;C. HTLV-1;C Virus;Cervical;D;Carcinoma Epstein Barr Virus.;Read Answer Items;for QuestionE. Human;2;Herpes Virus 8;Burkitt's;Lymphoma;Read Answer Items;for Question 2;Kaposi's;Sarcoma;Read Answer Items;for Question 2;Adult T-cell;Leukemia;Read Answer Items;for Question 2;3 points;Question 3;1.;You have been asked to design a virus that causes cancer in humans. Which of the following;cellular functions would this virus have to possess to cause a tumor (select all that apply)?;Answer;A Promote entry into cell cycle.;B. Inhibit Tissue Specific Cell Adhesion;C. Inhibit;activity of cellular telomerase;D Inhibit Apoptosis.;E. Promote cell cycle;arrest;F.;G.;Enhance apoptosis;Enhance activity of cellular telomerase;3 points;Question 4;1.;To cause cancer, a virus must possess an oncogene;Answer;True;False;2 points;Question 5;1.;The Large T Antigen of the SV40 virus transforms cells by which mechanism below (select;one)?;Answer;A Causes release of E2F by interfering with E2F/Retinoblastoma.;B. Enhances affinity of E2F for Retinoblastoma protein;C. Activation;interaction;of src kinase;D Induces severe inflammation and tissue.;E. Mimics normal cellular growth factor;damage;2 points;Question 6;1.;Which of the following are mechanisms a virus could utilize to transform cells and induce a;tumor (select all that apply)?;Answer;A Viral.;B. Viral;protein stimulates phosphorylation of Retinoblastoma protein;protein prolongs half-life of cellular p53 protein;produces a constitutively active growth factor receptor;Virus integrates within and inactivates src kinase;C. Virus;D.;E. Virus;contains a mutant form of cellular src.;2 points;Question 7;1.;The Human Papilloma Virus E6 protein promotes tumor formation by which of the following;mechanisms (select one)?;Answer;A Stablizes cellular p53 protein.;B. Induces chronic inflammation;C. Promotes;Ubiquitination of p53;D Mimics cellular growth factor.;E. Dephosphorylates cellular src;2 points;Question 8;1.;A non-transducing retrovirus induces tumor formation by (select one)?;Answer;A Activates expression of tumor supressor gene.;B. Represses activation of cellular proto-oncogene;C. Virus;integrates near proto-oncogene and increases its expression;that enhances cellular signaling;D Virus carries an ocogene.;E. Activating apoptosis;2 points;Question 9;1.;Explain in 5-6 sentences why many viruses that cause cancer establish a latent infection in their;human host.;Answer;PressTabtoenterthecontenteditor.Forthetoolbar,pressALT+F10(PC)orALT+FN+F10(Mac).;Path: p;Words:0;2 points


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