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frequency distribution for coded data related to faculty responses, gender and years of teaching




Can you please code the data and show a frequency distribution for coded data related to faculty responses, gender and years of teaching, separately and together.;Thank you!;Attachment Preview;Workbook3.xlsx Download Attachment;Being late;3;1;They come to class unprepared;8;2;They leave early or arrive late;3;3;Eating, drinking, making noises;7;4;Talking while I'm lecturing;1;5;Asking stupid questions to interfere with lecture;2;6;On their cell phones;4;7;Getting up and leaving early;3;8;Talk during class;1;9;Talking and laughing during class 10;1;Getting up in the middle of class and 11;3;leaving;Talking while I'm lecturing;1;12;Not paying attention;5;13;Sleeping;5;14;On their cell phones;4;15;Not on time;3;On their phones;4;Dozing off;5;Talking to each other and making noise;1;Making a joke about me so everyone hears;2;Only attending part of the class;3;Talking to each other;1;Checking text messages4;Gossiping and chatting during lecture;1;Talking to others;1;Talking;1;Disrepectful attitude;2;Talking and not settling down;1;Provocative and challenging toward me;2;Chatter, chatter, chatter 1;Can't take feedback and 2;gets nasty with me;Bringing their child to class without permission;6;Have no respect for authority;2;Talking loudly during class;1;Talking, talking, talking 1;Excuses to leave early 3;On their cell phones;4;Getting up and leaving early;3;Talk during class;1;Talking and laughing during class;1;Never on time;3;1;1;2;1;2;2;1;1;1;2;2;2;1;2;1;4;5;5.5;12;3;1;1;15;5;2;6;5;25;3;2.5;Faculty comment/Faculty code faculty male/female years teaching;# of


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