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Term Paper Outline;You will submit a working outline for your Term Paper with at least five references formatted in APA style. Your submission should include a title page and a working abstract in addition to the outline. The outline should include citations for the points you are making and provide the organization and structure for the paper. Your instructor will provide feedback about the outline. For additional information on how your assignment will be graded please see the Writing Rubric which is located in the course information section of your course. Due by the end of Module 5.;Term Paper;Your project is to write an 8-page (2000-word) term paper on one of the recent theoretical perspectives on human development contained within your textbook, noting the contributions of your chosen theorist. Students are expected to identify the perspective of the contemporary theory and describe current research and application to the field of lifespan development. The page/word count does not include the title page, abstract or reference page. The goal of the term paper is to analyze and synthesize the literature on a chosen lifespan developmental theorist. You are required to use American Psychological Association Style (APA) for all source citations. You are expected to select a topic for your paper and submit it for your instructor?s approval by Module 2. You are expected to submit outline for your paper and submit it for your instructor to provide guidance in Module 5.;You can find most of the resources you need in the Excelsior College Virtual Library?s PsycARTICLES database. Since psychology is a dynamic field, I expect most of your resources to have been published within the last ten (7) years. You should review a minimum of seven (7) empirical studies beyond the text book.


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