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By finding ways to eliminate the need for animal testing,




1.;By finding ways to eliminate the need for animal testing, P&G is taking a(n) _____ strategy.;A) accommodative;B) defensive;C) offensive;D) reactive;2.;As an organization that can influence P&G, but is not critical to its long-term survival, PETA would be considered a;A) primary stakeholder;B) supplier;C) shareholder;D) secondary stakeholder;3.;If P&G uses animal testing so that its products will meet the legal requirements for product safety, it is acting according to the principle of;A) religious injunctions;B) distributive justice;C) government requirements;D) personal virtue;4.;Which of the following would be an example of discretionary responsibility?;A) McDonalds issuing strict animal handling guidelines to meet suppliers.;B) P&G efforts to comply with government product safety regulations.;C) PETA?s intimidation campaign against guinea pig farmers.;D) P&G funding independent agencies? efforts to find alternative testing methods.;5.;According to the shareholder model, P&G has no obligation to comply with PETA?s demands.;A) True;B) False;6.;Whether using animals for experiments is good or bad is judged by;A) social consensus;B) temporal immediacy;C) shareholders;D) proximity of effect;7.;Which of the following would be an important primary stakeholder issue for P&G?s employees?;A) public opinion;B) layoffs that might occur if product boycotts resulted in significantly diminished revenues;C) maximizing profits by whatever means necessary;D) making products that adhere to government product safety regulations;8.;Product safety can help improve customer satisfaction, which in turn leads to customer retention, which helps improve demand and sales. In this way, by attending to product safety, P&G is not looking out for the interests of customers, but also those of _____.;A) shareholders;B) the government;C) animals;D) PETA;9.;According to PETA, the decision to use animals for product safety testing is a matter of;A) social consensus;B) economic responsibility;C) legal responsibility;D) ethical responsibility;10.;P&G has direct ethical and legal responsibilities to _____ and _____ to make sure that its products are safe.;A) stakeholders/shareholders;B) PETA/customers;C) animals/the media;D) employees/stakeholders;E) customers/the government


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