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Module 5 Assignment: Public Relations and Advertising




Module 5 Assignment: Public Relations and Advertising;Search online and find a website for an organization which has a campaign promoting a core issue that interests you (For example: The Red Cross and need for blood donations--You may not use this example).;Start your essay with a short overview of the organization and the issue (just a few lines) and then consider the topics we have covered so far in this class. Discuss how they are reflected in what you see on this website. What clear messages do you see? What audiences is the institution trying to reach? How has technology affected the way this organization presents itself? Consider issues of Media Economics and how they are represented or manifested in the website. Draw on examples offered on that website to support your observations.;The essay should be in 12pt type, no more than 2 pages in length, 1.5 line spacing. Approximately 500-600 words, and must be properly cited throughout the paper in MLA or APA format and must contain a works cited.


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