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The work is Briefing the case, and I need the numbers that appears in yellow color. I think it;is 3 pages.;Essentially, this means the student will break the case down into parts consisting of the rule;of law, relevant facts, decision and reasoning. We will explore how to break down a case;and write a brief during lecture.;The second part of the briefing the case exercise is for the student to educate the class on;the case. The student should also tell the class whether he or she agrees with the decision;and why. If the students think the Court was wrong, then the student should suggest and;alternative ruling that would be more beneficial.;Students must be able to discuss the case conversationally with the class and entertain;questions.;Students must choose either a California or a US Supreme court case. (not too old, after;1990);It must be contains;1.- Case name: Exe. Brown vs Board of Education;2.- Court Deciding the case: Exe. U S Supreme Court;3.- Case citation: Exe. Smith vs Greene, 552 US 661 (1990) Title (Smith v Greene);4.- Key Facts: - Facts should identify the plaintiff and the defendant.;- Describe the events leading up to the law suit.;- Relief plaintiff is seeking (what they want?, money?;- Procedural history;5.- Issue.- The legal question the Court is being asked to address.;6.- Rule.- General legal principle in existence before the case began;7.- Decision.- How did the Court resolve the issue?;reversed;affirmed;8.- Reasoning.- Why did the Court make this decision?;9.- Opinion;I choose this case;Mitigation of Damages - Vuylsteke v Broan;Vuylsteke v. Broan (2001) 172 Or.App. 74;Read the case at Vuylsteke - Watch the Video Print out Whiteboard photo;View Full Attachment;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 3;Level of Detail: Only answer needed;Other Requirements: If you need answer me something, write me please.


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