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You have taken a job as production manager in the electronics plant




1. You have taken a job as production manager in the electronics plant your;company has just bought in Hungary. Your subordinates will be local workers;and your primary goal is to increase their productivity through increasing their;motivation. Which motivational theories would you use? Are there any you think;would not apply? Why?;2. Is the use of positive reinforcement always the best approach to motivational;problems? When might other types of ?consequences? be more appropriate?;3. Examine some of your own goals. How did you set them? Were they effective in;motivating your performance? If you analyze them in terms of goal-setting theory;how would you change the way you set them in the future?;4. Both equity and expectancy theory suggest that individuals make conscious;reasoned choices concerning their performance. When would a person be most;likely to do this? Have you ever seriously analyzed a work situation in the ways;suggested by these theories and then changed your behavior as a result?;5. Which motivational forces are stronger: Push or Pull? Or are they Equal? How;might their relative strength change with different circumstances? Why?;Additional Requirements;Other Requirements: 150 more words


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