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biological process of the brain development




Discussion questions: minimum 300 words;The article for reading was very descriptive in the biological process of the brain development. How can you relate this to your experience with young children? Was there anything that was surprising in the reading? Was there anything that was unclear or left you with questions? Would you recommend this journal article to others? Why or why not?;AND response post below (200 words);My observation of young children as compared with adults is that childrens capacity to learn and aquire knowledge is superior to that of adults. A child aquires language in the first three years, but how long would it take an adult to become fluent in another language? Children learn to read within a year, but an adult who was not taught to read as a child is going to have an extremely difficult time of it. The article indicated that the neocortex's development after birth, structurally and functionally, requires input from all the major sensory systems. I think in the terms of development, those first early years are critical for a successful future in the childs, both emothionally and academically, probably is a motivating factor in some school districts offering preschool experiences (or maybe should be). Might account for the descrepancies in educational success between a child from a high socio-economic background and one from a lower one, I'm sure that the stimulations (including language) and experiences would be different between the two. I found it surprising that after the brain forms, both before and after birth, that half of the neurons are "weeded" out, with those that have to most connections most likely to survive. I also found the statement on page 3 "genes do not directly create blue eyes,...intelligence" surprising. I'm not sure if this means that intellegence is not genetic, because I always thought it was. ! I would probably recommend this article to someone who had some scientific background, but not to the general populous. I have a degree in chemistry, but had a tough go uderstanding and keeping track of all the new vocabulary terms. I think that most people (who were not taking this class) would probably give up after the first paragraph, because I know I wanted to! It took me a couple times through to finally understand the steps that were being described.;Additional Requirements;Level of Detail: Show all work;Other Requirements: (a) contain complete, well thought out, and grammatically correct sentences answering all parts of the discussion question posted


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