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Required: Write a one-page memo outlining the type of research project(s) you recommend for this organization.




Required: Write a one-page memo outlining the type of research project(s) you recommend for this organization. Defend your recommendation and address the concerns raised by the group by suggesting an appropriate sample definition and sample size for the study.;Note to the student: You are being graded on your demonstration of reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical abilities in applying what you are learning about market research. If you use your textbook or outside sources of information, please provide in-text citations and references using APA formatting.;Scenario;In difficult economic times, more and more families need food donations or assistance with purchasing groceries. Food for the Hungry is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to families in need. More and more families need their services, however, fewer people are making donations, and the donations they receive are smaller.The organization needs to increase its donations in order to meet the demand for its services. The organization board held a meeting to discuss the marketing strategy. The Director of Development suggested commissioning a market research study to better understand what motivates its current donors to give, so they can both find additional donors and figure out how to increase the size of donations from their current supporters.Can research help this organization increase its donations to help it feed more hungry families?;Role;You are in charge of recommending a research strategy to the organization's Board of Directors.Recommend the type of study, or types of studies, that will offer the most bang for the buck to this struggling non-profit organization. Write a one-page memo that will include a description of. The ideal sample. The optimum number of completed surveys.Techniques that should be included in the analysis and report.;Key Players;- Raymond Burke, President of the Board of Directors. These are tough times for charitable organizations, and I'm a bit uncomfortable spending any of our money on anything that does not put food directly onto the tables of the people who need us. This research has to really help us know how to raise more money if it is going to have my support.;- Kathy Lee, Director of Development. My job is to figure out how we can raise more money in tough times. We host a gala every year and sell tickets to wealthy donors, and we send mail to our previous donors 4 times a year to ask for contributions. Knowing what messages to use, or how to reach our current members more effectively, or how to find new members is crucial. Good research can help me raise more money ? it will pay for itself quickly if it's well done.;- Allison Tanney, Fundraising Manager. As the fundraising manager, I work with a direct mail firm to buy lists of prospective donors, and I design the mailings. Research can help me know what to ask for in a direct mail list. For example, people with certain income levels or education or other demographic or psychographic characteristics may be more likely to give to us than other groups. But bad research could lead us to waste money. I'm really concerned with making sure the information is reliable and valid.;Deliverable;Given the scenario, your role and the information provided by the key players involved, it is time for you to make a decision.If you are finished reviewing this scenario, close this window and return to this Week's You Decide tab to complete the activity for this scenario.You can return and review this scenario again at any time.


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