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Module 1 Assignment: News-Gathering Gone Too Far




Module 1 Assignment: News-Gathering Gone Too Far (for more detail reference page 71 of your textbook " The Media of Mass Communication" by John Vivian Eleventh Edition).;In a few paragraphs in a short essay, discuss what you think about this Point/Counter-Point. You may use the example of the demise of News of the World or provide your own as an example;?You can?t have a free press without the press being free. This means uninhibited inquiry.? Vs ?Decency should trump news-gathering that invades privacy, interferes with criminal investigations, and nothing to do with serving a public good.?;In your answer, consider at least the following questions: Are there inherent problems with these statements? If so, what are they? What do you base your decision on? In your summary, explain the reasoning for your answer.


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