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Creating a informative outline for a speech. The body of the outline can be phrases or full sentences,




Creating a informative outline for a speech.;The body of the outline can be phrases or full sentences, but not single words. The body of the outline must have a minimum of three main points (Roman numerals) and a minimum of two additional levels of sub points under each main point (capital letters, then numbers).;References: The informative outline must have a minimum of three credible sources.;Here are the topics from which you can select for the Informative speech and Outline;1. Peruse weekly business magazines, newspapers and other resources for current issues and trends in modern businesses. You can choose to profile a particular industry or cover an issue or trend that cuts across industries. For example, you can give a presentation about the key factors affecting the performance of the manufacturing sector in the past five years, or a presentation about the impact of social networking media on companies? reputation management practices. Perhaps you are interested in employment trends or the demographic shifts that have changed or will change the composition of the U.S. workforce. These are just some examples of what you may wish to explore for this option.;2. Create a presentation about a company that has recently been in the news for positive or negative reasons. Give a description of the company including its size and location, a brief history, its current status or situation, and your ideas about the company?s future.;I have attached the outline template and rubric provided by the instructor. I also have attached the APA tips document the professor provided for the outline.;Attachments Preview;APA Tips.docx Download Attachment;APA Tips;Below, you will find some APA information that you may need for your outline. This;information is very brief and does not provide information for all types of sources. If... Show more;Informative_Speech_Rubricnew (1).xlsx Download Attachment;Informative Speech Rubric;Assignment: ENG230 Informative Speech;Total Point Value... Show more;outlinetemplate (1).docx Download Attachment;TitleofPresentation... Show more


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