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Signs of Aging




Assignment;Signs of Aging;Find two (one for each stage) articles in the public media (e.g., newspapers, magazines, Internet;site that relates to the signs of aging in middle AND late adulthood. Pay particular attention to;the advertisements and articles dealing with wrinkles, loss of hair, and weight. How many send;the message (overtly and covertly) that these natural signs of aging are acceptable or not;acceptable? In what ways are the messages conveyed to the audience? Is there a difference in;the messages to men and women? How do these relate to the developmental stages in the;textbook?;Read the information in the textbook that signifies different stages of development (i.e., physical;cognitive, emotional, personality, etc.). Students may want to visit the DeVry Library and the;sites provided in the Webliography tab for easy access to credible information. Your grade will be;based on the following.;Relevance to developmental psychology;Summary: Was the information sufficient for the audience to understand what was in;the public media, whether or not you found it credible, and why or why not?;Evaluation of the sources: Criteria used to complete the evaluation;Requirements;Research;1. Information on the media and developmental stages in middle and late adulthood.;2. Textbook information on stages of development;Written paper is designed as typical college writing standards for an essay paper;1. Cover page;2. Minimum two to three pages (does not include cover or reference page);3. No larger than 12-point font;4. Double-spaced;5. 1-in. margins on top, bottom, and sides;6. In-text citations (APA guidelines);7. Reference page (APA guidelines)


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