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For this assignment, you are to develop a survey that will be one of the key data sets for your Course Project.




Part two;For this assignment, you are to develop a survey that will be one of the key data sets for your Course Project. The survey you develop should support the topic that you identified during Week 1.;You are to submit the actual survey itself plus a 2-3 page report that explains the strategies behind the survey. The report should include the following information;An introduction area: Explain your project.;A description of the purpose of the survey;What questions do you wish to answer?;How does the survey design particularly reflect the goals you have for gaining information?;Identify the target market for the survey.;How will you choose the sample for the survey?;What will be the method for conducting the survey (i.e., phone, Internet, personal interviewing, etc.)?;Why did you choose this mode?;What is your overall plan for conducting the survey based on your methodology?;Explain your survey strategy design in detail.;Refer to the material presented in the course and your text for examples.;In this section, you should explain the specific tactics and strategies you have integrated into the survey. For example;Why have you phrased the questions as you have?;Why have you created the response areas as you have?;What strategies are there behind the order of the questions?;Why are you asking the type of demographic questions you have outlined?;In general, be detailed in explaining your approach and strategies for the data you are collecting. Remember to format your report per APA guidelines.;How will you analyze the results of the survey? Are there any special considerations for the analysis? How have you planned for the analysis in the design of the survey?;A conclusion section: This summarizes the above and reiterates why your strategic approach to the survey fulfills the objective of this piece of the research and your overall Course Project.


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