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The activity that I have for the VRIO is firm infrastructure.




The activity that I have for the VRIO is firm infrastructure. My company is Verizon. I have attached the instructions which is the 3rd bullet point.;Competencies with VIRO;Value;Activity 5: Human Resource Management;With 150 locations across North America, Latin;America, Europe/Middle East/Africa and Asia;At our Call find opportunities to Corporate;ResourcesCenters, Retail Stores, work with;Pacific, you'll;The mission-driven focus of the military culture;1 offices and Innovation Centers,for technology. is;people who share your affinity there are many;ways to find your fitdetermination that has made;rooted in the same and countless locations to;grow your leader in technology.touches lives;Verizon a career in a field that Use our Military;strengthens businesses and powers technologys;Skill Matcher job search tool and discover careers;1 evolution. great match with your military;that arehas a calendar events including of open;Verizon a;2 experience. recruitment, career fair and interview;house, college;3 sessions;Verizon is committed to working with and;providing reasonable accommodations for;qualified individuals with disabilities and disabled;veterans who need assistance with the;employment application process. If you have any;difficulty using our online system due to a;disability, please contact us by email or fax.;Verizon is an equal employment;opportunity/affirmative action employer that;Verizon offers targeted training to veterans and;Capabilities;champions diversity and inclusion in the;transitioning soldiers with our Cell Tech Training;workplace. We use technology standards that;Program so they Widehit theConsortium (W3C);align with World can Web ground running;and keep moving forward in a successful with;protocol to ensure that our web pages work;4 career with us. and to provide audio and visual;reading devices;options for individuals with hearing loss or who;6 are visually impaired.;RarenessInimitable OrganizationVRIO sum


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