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Select any emerging current problem in the news (less than a month old).




Select any emerging current problem in the news (less than a month old). Reference your article and describe the situation, and then place yourself in the "Leadership decision making position" are the pilot. Then apply the 70% Solution to the problem and specifically describe what you would do and why, drawing on the language and ideas of this lesson. Remember, in this assignment we are looking for plausible 'real world' solutions to the problem that you selected. You should list the alternatives you considered. Were they all possible alternatives? Also, were you making your decisions on the basis of complete or incomplete information?;In many strategic leadership classes, students are given a similar task to work on individually. They then come together at the end to compare, contrast, and debrief their 70% solutions on a given problem. However, in this assignment you are able to choose your own public topic of interest that is in the news. You should use this assignment as an opportunity to explore (expand your boundaries) a situation that may also be helpful to your own future. Submit your finished work (1250-1500 words) to the Emerging Problem drop box.; This is the article explaining the 70% solution;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 4;Other Requirements: AP format


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