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(Management of Information System)




Assignment;(Management of Information System);Conduct research on a company that has used a strategic;information system to gain a competitive advantage.;Analyze the following aspects of the company in an essay;being, sure to address the following: a;Describe the industry environment prior to their strategic;information system and describe how they used a strategic;information system as the basis for one or more of the basic;strategies to achieve a competitive advantage.;b;Discuss their current situation regarding a competitive;advantage using their strategic information system.;c;Discuss whether they still have an advantage with their;strategic information system or the other companies in their;industry were able to catch up or gain a competitive;advantage of their own.;d;From your analysis, identify anything that they could have;done differently, using a strategic information system, to gain;a new or bigger advantage.;e;As the CIO, what recommendations regarding a strategic;information system would you make to help the company;going forward?;Important Notes for this assignment: -;Remember the focus of the unit and assignment is;using a strategic information system to achieve a;competitive advantage.;Do not discuss approaches to gaining a competitive;advantage that do not involve the use of a strategic;information system.;Please submit your essay as a continuous piece of;writing using Word. You should not simply answer the;above questions.;Be sure your essay includes an introduction, body, and;conclusion.;Your viewpoint and purpose should be clearly;established and sustained.;Your essay should be well ordered, logical and unified;as well as original and insightful.;You should follow the conventions of Standard;American English (correct grammar, punctuation, and;spelling).;The paper should be double-spaced, Times New;Roman, 12 pt. font, and follow APA 6th edition format;and citation style. It should have at least three pages;of content, not including the title and reference;page.;You are required to have at least Three quality;references and the textbook (Chapter 2;Organizational Strategy, Competitive Advantage;and Information Systems);The textbook is: Rainer, R. (2013). Introduction to Information Systems;[VitalSouce bookshelf version]. Retrieved from;;Remember that APA uses both in-text citations and a;reference list (both are required).


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