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The advertisement for customer service representatives states the following:




Individual Assignment 1;Please read the following scenario and answer the questions at the end of the scenario.;Your answer should not exceed FOUR double-spaced, type-written pages. This limit;does not include title page or any appendixes you may want to include (e.g., a table or;chart). I do not accept late assignments for any reason whatsoever. Hence, please follow;the deadline set for the assignment.;Scenario;A newspaper company in Southeast United States has experienced rapid growth.;However, in the past two years, competition has increased with two new newspapers in;your area and the expansion of another newspaper from a neighboring town into your;area.;The advertisement for customer service representatives states the following: The;position qualifications are: knowledge of MS Word or WordPerfect, typing speed of 35;wpm, filing, experience in customer handling such as answering phones and referring;customer calls to supervisors, some selling of additional services and calls for;nonpayment of bills. Starting Salary: $8.50 an hour for a 30-hour workweek. CSRs;work 6-days per week in 5-hour shifts.;The newspaper has successfully recruited CSRs, turnover in the position has been high.;The following table gives the break-up.;Recruitment;Source;Total # of;Applicants;Potentially;Qualified;Interviewed;Offered;Job;Accepted;Job;11;53;7;7;SixMonth;Survival;5;24;3;6;Total;Recruitment;Costs;$200;$465;$295;$250;Internet;Newspaper;Walk-Ins;Public;Employment;Agency;Total;450;115;31;37;32;78;20;19;20;64;14;7;17;56;9;7;633;149;105;89;78;38;$1,210;Racial Break-Up of Applicants;Rac\ial Category;Caucasians;African-Americans;Hispanics;TOTAL;Total # of;Applicants;341;177;115;633;Potentially;Qualified;91;43;15;149;Qualified and;Offered Job;64;20;5;89;Most Frequently Cited Reasons for CSR Turnover (For the past 3 years).;Requirement to work on Saturday and Sunday from 7 AM to 1 PM;75% of calling customers are irate with CSRs on issues over which they have no;control;CSRs must sit for long-hours with no physical movement and must talk to;customers for long periods of time;Noisy and hectic work environment;No proper training provided for handling billing complaints;Cold calls for subscriptions result in 78% hang-ups.;No additional remuneration for solicitation successes;CSRs dont like the cold calls;CSRs dont like calling people at dinner time;Supervisors monitor a few sample calls and often contradict what CSRs say.;Questions;1. Based on the information provided, determine if there is any adverse impact;against Hispanics or African-Americans in the hiring of CSRs. Assuming an;Hispanic and an African-American applicant who were not hired for the job filed;a lawsuit against the newspaper, what advice would you give the newspaper?;2. Based on the data, determine which source of recruitment method is most;effective? Least effective? Why?;3. If your objective is to reduce the employee turnover of CSRs, what specific;actions would you take to reduce the turnover? Explain.;4. Evaluate to what extent the recruitment ad correctly captures the job contents.;Re-write the ad to correctly explain the job contents.


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