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You are working for a developmental psychologist. She has asked you to analyze the following clients and provide a write-up of your analysis.;Select two of the following clients for your analysis;Ben is 2 and is beginning the process of toilet training.;Annie is 13 and is experiencing many changes to her physical body.;Jake is 45 and feels unappreciated. He recently purchased a Corvette, despite driving a truck for the past 20 years.;Norma is 78 and has been reflecting on her life. She has been experiencing many physical changes, as well as changes in her abilities.;Write a 1,050- to 1,250-word analysis including the following;A description of the development period the person is going through;A description of the developmental changes he or she should expect to experience;A description of the main theories of human development as they apply to each client;Include one to two peer-reviewed resources.;Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.;An important part of effectively communicating your ideas is demonstrating clear and professional academic writing. Therefore, it is recommended that you write this essay in at least a 5-paragraph essay format that contains a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.


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