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all requirements is in the attachment. i need answ...




all requirements is in the attachment. i need answers for thoes questions in the analysis. but the most important is that you need to find an article first in order to answer questions. this paper should be 3-4 pages double spaced. can you be serious because its my final. thanks,dear professor can you not use those articles which are Over the Cliff: From the Subprime to the Global Financial Crisis; Frederic S. Mishkin, Journal of Economic Perspectives?Volume 25, Number 1?Winter 2011?Pages 49?70 and OVER-THE-COUNTER DERIVATIVES MARKET IN VIEW OF THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL CRISIS 2007-2009, Marcin Kalinowski thanks,dear professor, if you are the same professor from my another question. u gotta use different articles for each paper. thanks,dear professor, thoes two papers that u uploaded are same. can i know why this happen?? i told you the requirements when i ask this question. they cant be same. can you reply me asap. thanks,i mean the second one and the third one are same.,dear professor, i have attached three questions totally.the answer for third paper is same as the second one. the second one is due on april 27th and the third one is due on april 29th. when i attach those requirments,i clearly mention that all papers cant be same and also should use different articles.,if you download those attachments that you uploaded. you will find out there are two papers actually same. thanks,can i know what do you about Qid of the other 2 papers?? can you reply me asap. because this assignment is due these days. thanks,The other one is finance 8158524. Doc Can u resubmit my question ASAP? Thanks,dear professor, firstly thanks. be sure that those two papers cant be same and also cant use same articles. they gotta use different references.,thanks. hope i will get my answers asap.,Dear professor, The attachment that u upload is not an paper essay! U just made explanation for each concept! Like I said before... This assignment should be paper! It's not fit my requirements that I upload at the beginning ! Can I know what's going on here? Thanks,Thanks! Please write an formal essay for this question! Please reply my request ASAP! I don't hv enough time because the I almost pass the due date! Thanks


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