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I need to write an essay for my Management class. Below are the directions;Unit 3 Assignment 2: Case Study;To begin this Assignment, it is important to read two related resources in which you will gain valuable;insights as you write your paper.;The first resource is to complete the?Personal Assessment of Communication Apprehension;Exercise? on page 587?588 in the Daft textbook. Calculate and record your score according to the;instructions. Your own score is an assessment about your level of comfort in various communication;situations. In the paper, you will apply what you learned from the?Personal Assessment of;Communication Apprehension Exercise? to address the?On Trial? ? ethical dilemma. As you review;the?On Trial? scenario think about the communication apprehension of the individuals in the case.;The second resource is to read the journal article ??Thinking of a plant in Mexico?? In this article you;will discover valuable cultural insights that global managers need to understand in the context of a;U.S.A. Mexican joint-organizational business venture. Please go to the Kaplan Library to search for;this journal article.;The following article can be found in the Online Kaplan Library;de Forest, M.E. (1994). Thinking of a plant in Mexico. Academy of Management Executive, 8(1), 33-;40.;Next, thoroughly read the?On Trial? scenario on page 589 in the Daft textbook. Whether you live in a;small town or a large city, today?s organizational workplace is often globally interconnected and it is;crucial that managers develop cultural literacy that allows people to communicate in an effective;manner.;In this paper you will examine how a leader would address communication breakdown in the context;of cultural difference found in the?On Trial? dilemma. Additionally, you will draw upon deeper insights;you have gained in the Personal Assessment of Communication Apprehension Exercise and from the;article,?Thinking of a plant in Mexico??;Construct and write your paper with subheadings that connect to the key components of the grading;rubric.;Title your paper?On Trial: Critical Analysis of Communication Breakdown and Cultural Disconnect?;Sub Headings;? Introduction;? Analysis;? Solutions;? Application;Reference Page;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 6;Level of Detail: Show all work


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