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The Organization of Change




The Organization of Change;Given the rapidly changing environment, disruptive technologies, and competition from;overseas such as the omni-directional product development/innovation cycle resulting from;globalization, there are significant implications for intelligence-gathering, organizational;structure, and staffing.;Imagine the concept of "design" as a competitive advantage enhanced by global;sourcing. Think about Apple, for example, but also about Manga and others. Then, consider the;following;1. What lessons are there for organizations and, particularly, for individual managers;regarding the globalization of ideas, technology, design, and processes?;2. How does an organization break the rules of what is expected, what is typical, and;what is a mere incremental difference, in order to create a dramatic 10X improvement? Can an;incremental improvement yield a 10X change?;3. How might you utilize Maslows eupsychian management and particular metaphors;described by Morgan to stimulate innovative breakthroughs?;References to use for this paper;Safian, R. (Ed.). (n.d.). Fast Company. [Entire Issue].;Retrieved from the Business Source Complete database - This magazine focuses on the;most creative individuals sparking change in the marketplace. By uncovering best and "next;practices, the magazine and website help leaders work more efficiently and effectively.;Note: Use the latest March and October issues (annual special issues on innovation and;creativity).


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