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Leading a Multicultural Team through a Change Process




Note: Writing quality will be a component of your grade on this assignment. Careful;attention should be given to editing, organization, APA source citation, APA proper;source citation format, proper listing of references, and the presentation of tables and;graphs.;ASSIGNMENT;Leading a Multicultural Team through a Change Process;Assume you have recently been assigned to lead a six-person team working on a new;health care product that could revolutionize the treatment of diabetes. This product would;allow glucose readings to be taken without any needles or skin pricks. Obviously, if the;product is successful, you and the rest of the team stand to earn bonuses, promotions, and;industry recognition. You are being asked to lead the team because under the former;leader, the project team missed several critical deadlines, and costs have spiraled out of;control.;The team all works out of an office in Maryland. The team is made up of the following;people;John, a 43-year-old African American, man, born in Bowie, Maryland;Julie, a 51-year-old Chinese-American woman, born in the District of Columbia;Jinsoo, a 27-year-old South Korean man who immigrated from Seoul;Tom, a 63-year-old white American, born in Los Angeles, California, who recently;moved to Maryland;Darius, a 32-year-old Iranian man whose parents brought him to the United States when;he was six years old;Harpreet, a 30-year-old Indian woman who immigrated 10 years ago;Darius and Harpreet joined the team three months ago. The rest of the team has been;together for three years.;The new product is due to be delivered for beta testing six months from today. Today;your first day on the job, you have spent the entire day talking to each team member;separately. Here is what you have discovered so far today;Darius and Tom have been in conflict for several weeks over how to approach the design;of a critical piece of the product.;John and Julie are so disillusioned that they are job hunting, but each has unique skills;that you do not wish to lose.;Jinsoo tends to isolate himself when there is conflict, which decreases his productivity.;Tom believes that the rest of the team is cutting him out of the picture because of his age;and lack of interest in using Google to create workspaces where everyone can brainstorm.;Tom would rather just talk about his ideas.;You were also briefed by the general manager, who shared that the former leader had;been fired due to unethical practices such as taking bribes from vendors. However, the;team members didn't know that and really liked the former leader, they are angry that he;is gone.;Using your new knowledge of multicultural teams and communication, the change;process, decision making, and ethics, write an action plan of about 5 pages to get this;team back on track. This paper should be supported by your readings and must provide;specific steps based on this knowledge. Cite sources, etc. Rememberwhenever you write;a paper in a course, your task is to show that you understand the material you are;learning, that you can apply it to specific situations, and that you can think critically and;creatively in new situations.;View Full Attachment;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 5;Level of Detail: Show all work;Other Requirements: Please follow the instructions. APA Citation and Referencing is paramount. Thank you.


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