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I need some help with this paper, Ive done the research and can incorporate it. The subject of the paper is Can Compost Happen? ? one of the areas of focus for the Sustainability Director?s work with the City for FY15 is to look into opportunities to offer a composting program to the Ames community. One of the facets of this is to determine what is currently done with food waste that is produced both by businesses and residents and interest in taking part in a new program/system as well as what facets/features would be important to get residents and businesses motivated to take part. This project would involve looking at other composting programs offered by other communities similar to Ames to determine pros and cons. In addition, this project would involve gathering baseline information from the Ames community on current opportunities related to food waste disposal as well as interest in a new program and the features, infrastructure, etc. that would encourage and motivate involvement.


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