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Write a 1,000 ? 1,250 word analysis of the case you will be assigned. A WORD COUNT will be performed.;Follow standard APA format by including an abstract and body of paper in double spaced 12-point format in Times New Roman. All references should be cited both in the body of the paper and in a separate reference page. Include a separate title page.;Step One: COMPREHEND/SUMMARIZE CASE SITUATION;*speed read the case;*read case carefully, taking notes and underlining important facts;*provide a one paragraph summary of the case;Step Two: DIAGNOSIS PROBLEM AREA;*identify problem areas;*list facts by problem area from notes and a rereading of the case;*use evidence from the case to diagnose each problem area in turn.;Step Three: STATE MAIN ISSUE;*state the major problem of the case;-problem should be in one sentence in the form of a question to;be answered;-problem should relate to problem areas in Step Two;Step Four: GENERATE ALTERNATIVES;*list solutions to the major problem;-be specific...give the who, what, why, where, when & how of each solution;Step Five: EVALUATE EACH ALTERNATIVE AND SELECT THE BEST ONE;*list pros and cons for each alternative;*carefully weigh pros and cons of each alternative and choose the;best one (explain your choice in detail);Step Six: DEFEND IMPLEMENTATION;*list questions about the workability of your chosen solution;*develop a defense (or answer) each question;Case Study topic is Gold Star Properties;Financial Crisis;Joseph J. Distefano;Found in text book with ISBN of 978-0-7619-2637-5;Case Study 1.6;Additional Requirements;Other Requirements: 1,000-1250 word count


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