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The database Dish.xlsx contains a transaction history




The database Dish.xlsx contains a transaction history describing more than 4,000 purchases of detergent;at a number of stores in a grocery chain over a period of several weeks.;a) How many records are in this database?;b) How many fields are in this database?;c) Is the field SALE nominal or numerical?;d) Is the variable PRICE measured on an interval or ratio scale?;e) Which field contains blank cells, and how may does it contain?;f) What is the highest price in the database?;1g) How many records pertain to the description SUNLIGHT GEL 2.49?;h) Create a histogram of the PRICE variable and interpret it.;i) What is the average price?;j) Are higher priced products generally more profitable?;k) Does profit vary systematically across stores?;l) In week 387, which stores had average profit over 18?


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