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M5A1 Individual Paper: Introduce us to a Motivational Leader




M5A1 Individual Paper: Introduce us to a Motivational Leader;Paper must include a cover page and reference page and responses to questions pertaining to one or more topics that have been covered in this module. You are expected to research the topics in the assignment using the online library and reference peer-reviewed journals as well as material from the text, which we have discussed. Use two outside references?both should be from authored sources and one should be from a peer-reviewed source, such as the Harvard Business Review or the Journal of Organizational Behavior.;Through this activity, you will;? Discover current leadership thinking about how and why they are effective;? Become well acquainted with one CEO role holder of a major corporation;? Describe his or her background and experiences, and;? Describe how this leader is motivational to his or her employees.;Consider today?s corporate or other organizational leaders and what you can learn from them. Reflect on how these well-known leaders have risen through their organizations. What experiences do they believe shaped their current leadership style? Consider what skills would be necessary in their organization.;For this paper, select a CEO of a company you would like to write on. Using the university library, research your selected CEO. Write a case analysis paper that is at least 3 pages in length and uses APA Style. Complete the following;? Include a brief biography, describing where this person grew up, attended school, and his or her early and recent career experiences. Include the person?s likes and dislikes and any defining events that this person cites as having influenced him or her.;? Describe your selected CEO?s perspective on leadership. Include what in your leader?s career experiences helped him/her become an effective leader.;? Examine the technical, conceptual, and interpersonal skills your selected CEO cites as necessary for successful leadership.;? Evaluate his or her self-proclaimed ?type or style? of leadership. If you cannot find any direct quotes about this, you may offer your own analysis based on documented sources.;? Describe the advice your selected CEO may possibly offer about being an effective leader. In other words, what advice can you pass along to the class from this person?;individual paper is subject to anti-plagiarism software;Additional Requirements


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