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Correct your work please;the previous Question;1.Software Options;1.Client Database: Can you get to company database (address, phone numbers, etc. of vendors and clients) easily and how is that info accessible (mobile or tower only)?;2.Budgeting Planner: Does it have interactive budgeting tools (spreadsheets, financial statements, etc.) and how is it accessible?;3.Mobile Booking: Can our clients book tickets and register for events on mobile and from their computers at home.;4.Ticketing Services: Can our clients print tickets and can we use this software to accept mobile tickets?;2.Price;1.Basic Price: What is the price for the base software?;2.Individualize Services: Do additional features, or support cost extra, and what are those costs?;3.Implementation Timeline;1.First Install: How quickly can we purchase and install base software?;2.Update Schedule: How often is software updated by company, and how does our company receive those updates.;4.Customer Service/Support;1.Business Support: What support is available to us, the business, if we have issues or questions?;2.Client Support: If clients are using mobile booking or ticketing and have problems is support available through software company, and what kind?;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 1;Level of Detail: Show all work;Other Requirements: please I need someone found US company and make a research about the material that in the question?? and please I need the references;Attachments Preview;Research (2).docx Download Attachment;Research;student... Show more;Untitled.png Download Attachment;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 1;Level of Detail: Only answer needed


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