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rom the list of environmental organizations




enviroment2.docx Download Attachment;From the list of environmental organizations, please select two of them and then prepare an;essay (3 - 4 pages, double-spaced) comparing and contrasting the two environmental;organizations you have selected. Please cite accordingly and list any sources or websites used;to prepare your essays. Please compare and contrast the two organizations based on the;following criteria;What is the mission statement of each organization? Is each organization a grassroots group;nonprofit organization, trade association or professional society?;When was each organization founded? How many members are associated with the;organizations?;What environmental issues does each organization focus on? Describe two current initiatives of;each organization.;What do you find are the major differences between the two environmental organizations that;you have selected?;How does each organization reflect (or contrast with) your own environmental worldview? Which;of the two would you rather get involved with, and why?;Some Examples of Environmental Organizationst;Alaska Wilderness League (;American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (;Beyond Pesticides/National Coalition Against Misuse of Pesticides (;Center for Environmental Citizenship (;Center for Environmental Health (;Center for Health, Environment and Justice (;Children's Environmental Health Network (;Clean Water Action Project (;Conservation International (;Earth First! (;Environmental Defense (;Friends of the Earth (;Greenpeace USA (;Izaak Walton League of America (;League of Conservation Voters (;National Audubon Society (;National Park Foundation (;National Resources Defense Council (;National Wildlife Federation (;The Nature Conservancy (;North American Association for Environmental Education (;Organic Consumers Association (;People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (;Physicians for Social Responsibility (;Planned Parenthood Federation of America (;Population Action International (;Population-Environment Balance, Inc. (;The Population Institute (;Rainforest Action Network (;Sierra Club (;Tree-Sit (;The Wilderness Society (;World Wildlife Fund (;Worldwatch Institute (;Zero Population Growth (


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